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Success in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

It seemed as if the Catracholandia project would not include the Beans Run mostly because my brother was immensely busy with his newly extended family and the construction of his first home. The disappointment I felt at the time was not allowing me to enjoy the massive success the expedition had yielded. After all, What is a home without Beans? Its not really clear how, (and Cesar will give the credit to God), but we were able to multi task by running errands, purchasing and receiving construction materials while still […]

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The New Private Viewing Space is Now Open

With this post I am very proud to announce that I have reached another milestone. The 4000 sqft show space addition is now open! Back in December 2014 many people wondered why I had decided to close my 2000 sqft art gallery in beautiful and funky Leucadia, California. Even the media covered the story and some went as far as covering my exterior mural just days after the doors closed. This new space will allow me and my team to focus on buyers and collectors as well as those people […]

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Orphanage living in Santa Barbara, Honduras

As the first stop to the Catracholandia project I had targeted the orphanage in Santa Barbara, Honduras. The main reason for choosing this one orphanage as the first destination was purely based on accessibility due to the fact that I spent my entire childhood in this town and most of my family remain as it’s residents. Not that it was easy for me to arrive and knock on their gates to offer my services free of charge but it was slightly less insane of an act. After all, Honduras is […]

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