Monthly HOOK-Up (July 2017)

Thank you for all the support… It is because of all your demand that I work this hard. The Monthly HOOK-Up project is my way of giving back.

In the last couple of days I received a couple emails requesting that the next monthly HOOK-Up should involve the Beans. And since the Monthly HOOK-UP – June 2017 featured t-shirts, I was not about to do the same thing for this month.

So here it is… an opportunity for you to get an original for $10.00!!!

This is a series of 15 original and framed Beans pieces. They are made with aerosol on wood and measure about 9×11 inches.

As always these prices are for online purchases only. These are available till the end of July 2017 and/or while supplies last.

If you happen to be quick enough to get one… trust me, you will not be disappointed. But I do have to remind you:

All purchases under the Monthly HOOK-UP are final ***

Click here to visit the online store

Photo Jun 23, 2 33 38 PM

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