Live painting at Latin American Art Festival

How could I say no to live painting… not just painting but painting in front of a crowd or performing. Of course I said yes!

  • Saturday April 1st – 11am – 6pm
  • Sunday April 2nd – 11am – 6pm


All the preparations have been taken care of as I write this post. Special thanks to Blicks in Little Italy for hooking it up with the materials… its always extra cool when you get high grade aerosols especially for brush artists like myself.


Best of all for me is a new found strategy… An old strategy really, but it feels fantastic to get to implement it in real life. I am donating my artist performance fee to my favorite cause, Casita Copan Orphanage in my country of origin, Honduras. The mission for this new direction is to help raise funds to bring Mayan art education to the kids that are being born and raised in Copan Ruinas… which happens to be a very important epicenter of our Mayan heritage.


As of right now it looks like I will be creating an art piece 8×12 feet. It is supposed to be made up of 6 panels 48×48 inches. The intention is to sell these panels individually or in stock which would generate income for various organizations including myself. My share of that potential income would and hopefully will go to the cause above mentioned.

As part of the program The Latin American Art Festival has included the viewing of Catracholandia The Movie which will take place at: The New Americans Museum at Liberty Station, 2815 Dewey Rd #102, San Diego CA 92106.

  • Saturday April 1st – 1pm
  • Sunday April 2nd – 1pm

To add to the festivities I have decided to feature my new product, limited edition prints, at wholesale prices and to top it off Beans t-shirts for the entire family at $10 each.

  • Booth #35
  • Saturday April 1st – 11am – 6pm
  • Sunday April 2nd – 11am – 6pm

We hope to see you there!!!



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