More Free Beans for 2017

What started out as a game has turned into some sort of compulsion. I still cannot believe that very soon will mark the 4 year anniversary for The Free Beans Project. To date, 30 cities have been hit with the project and I am proud to say the Beans have been spread out in all three Americas: North, Central and South America. Dig this: In four years The Free Beans Project has produced over 700 pieces of original art and that is one very big art installation.

I must share with you that with everything that is going on in my art career as of late, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the time to produce the pieces for the project. But the good news is that I am not ready to give up on it… probably the simplest reason is because it is a great excuse to get out of town for a few days and secondly because it is great fun.

I have produced the first batch of Beans for 2017 and any day now they will pop up in a city near you.

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