Hard Times Hit UCSD

Exhibit: Hard Times

Date: February1 – March17

Exhibit Description:

A series of 18 pieces that were originally made in 2013 to commemorate the date in which the Latino race became the majority of the population in the state of California. This Collection entitled Reflexiones (Reflections) was first shown in its entirety at Santos Fine Art Galleries in June 2013. It now takes on a different context at the University of California San Diego since the Latino race currently deals with a massive series of events under the new political administration in the United States of America.

Artist Statement:

A scientist turned artist who produces works of art using vibrant colors and bold outlines. These glyph-like designs are reminiscent of Mesoamerican times which in essence define him. And through this concept Santos is able to relate his story as well as provide social commentary of these times.

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