Metro De Medellin Has A Friend In Me

In case you have not noticed… I have just returned from a 30 day adventure in Medellin, Colombia.

The intended project was very complicated with the potential for three different formats. The good news is that one of the three was accomplished and the ground work has been laid for the other two. I will tell you later about the overall details of the project that was indeed completed and is entitled Todo Es Temporal… but not now.

What I will tell you is how incredibly exciting it is to have been able to receive legal permission from The Metro De Medellin to intervene on two metro columns… of course it does help to have a local and supercool City of Medellin Councilman, Daniel Carvalho, to open up the door for you and a socially conscious organization, Fundacion Orbis, to provide you with the paint.

The location was strategically chosen to maximize social impact. To explain it to you I must give you a bit of back story and you must also understand that futbol or what we in the USA know as soccer is regarded on a whole different level of fervor than we do.

There are two main soccer clubs in Medellin… basically, one is green and the other red. When they both collide it is not often pretty on the pitch but it always spills over into the streets.

I decided to paint the backgrounds in neutral colors and accenting in dashes of green and red while splashing white to symbolize unity through peace.

As always… you will have to decipher the lines for yourself but know that I entitled the piece Encuentros or Meetings.

Photography by @cabetopunk and @manuel.tee

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