Intrinsic Analysis Just In Time For USA Elections 2016

The mathematic definition of the property of division is as follows:

“Division is the splitting into equal parts or groups.”

The Divisiones Collections was completed on November 8th 2016, just in time to experience the outcome of the elections.

Minutes after I had casted my vote for the 2016 elections I found myself back at my studio to complete the production of the Divisions (Divisions) Collection. A set of 15 hand drawn pieces using oil based paint marker on mat board painted with acrylic paint.

After so many months of being reminded by external stimuli coming from all sources including my surroundings, friends and family; I found that I was overloaded with information, emotions and direction. I found myself voicing what I think was my opinion by simply casting a vote for my first time in the USA 2016 Elections.

There were winners and losers but unfortunately the process has yielded a result that no matter who you are or how extreme you may be is shared by almost exactly 50% of the population… that which voted anyway. I am not really sure what we have learned yet, since only 36 hours have past since we have learned the results. But what I can share with you is that I hope that things somehow and for reasons that I do not understand change for the better.

As you know, I am just an artist. I feel as if my audience has grown over the last few years but I will share with you that I know that to date that is not enough to affect any outcomes and maybe that sort of power will never be a hammer in my kit. All I can do is continue to educate myself, continue to digest the information that comes to me and continue to do my best to express it in the mediums that seem to be available to me.

The Divisions Collection is the result of such medium. It is clear, only 50% of you will agree to some degree with my point of view but I am certain 100% of you are just like me:


Click on image to view the entire set.




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