Helping Criss Angel Help In Las Vegas

A couple of weeks ago I was given an opportunity to take part in a fundraiser put together in Las Vegas by none other than Criss Angel, a man that needs no introduction. A very good friend of mine who works with Criss Angel suggested to me that I should donate something for the Criss Angel Help fundraiser. Of course I was interested but when he told me that it was to raise awareness and funds to fight against pediatric cancer I said “take whatever you want.”

We all ended up settling for a hand drawn original piece made with oil paint markers on a hand shaped Alaia. A piece that is very special to me for a handful of narratives but most of all because it raised a substantial amount of money to help Criss Angel and his cause.

The show and star studded cast was at the Criss Angel Theater at the Luxor Hotel / Casino in Las Vegas.

I must say… It never gets old hanging out with great talent!

For more information visit:


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