Doing my thing in Medellin, Colombia

It has been an electrifying adventure in Medellin. The Foundation Hogares Claret has opened their doors allowing me to do my thing, in other words allowing me to help doing what I do best.

I was allowed to visit and granted permission to interact with the orphans at two orphanages. One for boys and one for girls.

These orphanages seem to operate in the same fashion as orphanages in Honduras. They help to kids for four main reasons: 1) Kids that have no parents. 2) Kids that have been abandoned for whatever reasons. 3) Kids that are not able to receive basic needs because of their parents socioeconomic situation. 4) Kids that have no one to take care of them because of their parents criminal status.

I must share with you that because this trip is only 10 days I have not been able to go into full investigative mode and I have not obtained permission to interview the kids nor administrators. The good news is that I have been invited back to Colombia to film a documentary on the same lines as Catracholandia.

Vamos a ver que pasa!


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