Free Beans in Medellin, Colombia

Realidad Magica (Magical Reality) is what this set of Free Beans is entitled… fitting since most of you may already know that Colombia is said to be the mother of Magical Realism.

As always I had a fantastic time getting to know the city hiding my Beans in plain site. For the dispersal of this set, the neighborhood of El Poblado was chosen because of the proximity to the hotel where I happen to currently reside.

I find El Poblado to be very posh with its fine dining, fine art galleries and boutique filled blocks with also a high population of Hostels. It makes for a great contrast of backpacking youth from all over the world and well off locals surrounded by majestic mountains and classic latin american vibes.

On a social and economic level, due to the currency differences between the American Dollar and the Colombian Peso, I did not really know how to feel when a friend pointed out that I had just spread 24 Million Colombian Pesos worth of art in a 6×6 city block area.

Thank you and you are welcome Medellin.

Photo May 15, 4 51 36 PMClick here to view the entire set of images

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