A time to look back

By Santos Orellana.

It has been such a fast ride as of late that I have not even had the time to reflect on what I pulled off back in October of 2014… The Lost And Found Exhibit.

The project consisted in turning a 25,000 square foot warehouse into a one night art show event. So naturally I proposed to paint a mural that extended the entire length of the space… 25×175 feet. I also added that I could bring in my entire catalog to decorate the entire space.

I am convinced that if I had a business partner and or financial advisor the event would have never taken place. Everyone around me was concerned that I would have to put so much energy to put a massive event together in a non existent art market as is Carlsbad, California.

Click here for more images from the Lost And Found Exhibit – October 2015

It was a no brainer for me I said lets just do it big and since probably no one will come to see this thing I am going to do it for me, my way. And just like that the 80 hours it took to paint the mural just melted away. I am still amazed, can you imagine 11 gallons of black paint? Thats a lot of lines.

Click here to enjoy the making of the Lost And Found Mural via Vimeo

I am a firm believer that the hardest step when attempting to do anything is taking the first step. And I had by doing what I do best and that is painting. But on a daily basis I was reminded how “green” I was when it came to putting on a show of this magnitude. For example, it took me a week into the project to realize that the entire space needed at least one coat of white paint if I wanted to turn it into my kind of gig.

But at the end of the day the riddle continued to solve itself as mysteriously as the inception of the entire concept. One thing is now certain, I have the ability to fill large spaces.


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