Left my mark at Art Basel Miami

IMG_6449The truth is that I never expected to find a wall at Wynwood for Art Basel Miami 2015 but I was really hoping that I did. Maybe it was silly that I did not bring any painting gear because I did not want to jinx my intention but the trip was supposed to focus on doing a massive Free Beans project and to network at what is said to be the biggest stage of urban art in the entire country.

By 9am of the very first morning I was already out walking the streets of Wynwood looking for any opportunity to paint legally. After an hour or so and in a state of bliss because of the thousands of beautiful murals in the neighborhood I stumbled upon a parking lot where there seemed to be something happening. Naturally I walked in and introduced myself and shared my deep longing to participate and the fact that I did not want to be just another of the hundreds of thousands of spectators. Call it luck or call it determination but the stars lined up and I found myself painting within 24 hours of arrival.

Hola Miami!

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