Mojado all over Wynwood, Miami

 Art Basel 2015 was plagued by rain, wind, thunder and lighting. Just when you thought it was over more rain came to the extent that many roads were flooded out causing a nightmare not only for the visiting crowd but also for the artists painting all over town.

Nonetheless, the artists did not give up and continued to do what they do best. And the crowd though in smaller numbers showed up to support. Any little break in the weather you could see the streets come to life as if they knew that time was of the essence.

I am pleased to announce that though I was completely soaked from head to toe I was able to complete this 100 piece Free Beans drop. It was also extremely refreshing to see the positive response the project had on certain people.

At one point I spotted a group of young girls with one piece each as if they were holding small treasures of street art. I also noticed various times people stalking and following me waiting for the next spot so they could pounce on the Beans.

Thank you Miami! And see you next year.

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