You Win!!!

One week ago I happened to stumble upon a stack of old school Viviendo Beans Stickers. I naturally began thinking of what I could do with them since I prefer timeline continuity of my work out there on the streets.

So then, I decided on a free sticker pack mailing and I proceeded to advertise the event on social media. Granted I do this all the time but never on a vintage item. The response was too much to handle and less than 8 hours later I was out of stock and began the process of telling people that I was all out.

Because of this series of events I knew that I was being forced by the universe to do something special the only way I know how.

Over the next few days the first 24 responders will be receiving a package in the mail containing a FREE original piece of art as well as other collectible items.

Thank you and you are welcome!

Categories: Free Art


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