The Otro Renacimiento Exhibition Opens June 5th


There is something to be said about working with success in mind.

In the past six months I have reinvented my strategy to creating collections with the intent to exhibit them in various venues locally and beyond. Step 1 was to close my gallery space in Leucadia in order to focus on production. Step 2 was to produce, produce and produce some more without stressing if the collections were not being exhibited soon after they are completed.

With step 1 checked off and following step 2 with all my energy I had currently found myself with three completed collections that were just sitting stored at my studio. I was starting to second guess my strategy when The Hill Street Country Club Gallery contacted me since they had a cancellation and thus a show opportunity for the month of June 2015. Though it was at the last minute, I decided to not the opportunity slip away.

3 days later my team and I installed the Otro Renacimiento Collection and the show is set to open on Friday June 5th 2015 at 6pm. The exhibit is set to run the entire month of June at The HSCC Gallery at 212 North Coast Hwy in the city of Oceanside, California 92054.

The Otro Renacimiento (Another Re-Birth) Collection is a 24 piece set. It was completed in January 2015 and it is made with aerosol and acrylic paint on wood. The collection is lined with oil paint markers and as always custom framed in my very own wood shop.

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