Success in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


It seemed as if the Catracholandia project would not include the Beans Run mostly because my brother was immensely busy with his newly extended family and the construction of his first home. The disappointment I felt at the time was not allowing me to enjoy the massive success the expedition had yielded. After all, What is a home without Beans?

Its not really clear how, (and Cesar will give the credit to God), but we were able to multi task by running errands, purchasing and receiving construction materials while still bringing a little bit of joy to my troubled city in the way that only public art can do.

It was an adventure with many stories worth mentioning.

I will give you one:

There is a legendary corner spot in the center of the city which to me looks as if its main intent is to organize the shoe shiners into a somewhat controlled environment. It is strategically wedged in front of the plaza, the Hotel Sula (which though is no longer the nicest hotel it is still considered a cultural landmark) and a parking lot. Another important detail is that this shoe shine spot meets every category needed for it to be the perfect backdrop for a Hollywood movie set. Anyway, as I was strolling by I proceeded to ask one of the shoe shine men if it was cool to take a photograph and after a bit of a pause he complied. I placed a Can of Beans of one of the shoe shine seats, took the picture and I bounced. I hustled to catch up with my brother who was already at the parking lot paying the fee. As we are just getting ready to pull out in our vehicle a dodgy dude comes into the parking lot on crutches and proceeds to tap on my car window. My brother and I looked at each other as if to say, here we go. I then rolled my window down ready for anything, as one only does in the third world. Then from behind his back and with a huge smile this so called scary man took an object out showed it to me and said: “Friend, you forgot this. I know its valuable and I had to fight off the rest of the boys to bring it back to you.” My heart was confused in a frenzy of emotion and all I could say was “No I left it for you, its a gift.” We shook hands, exchanged a few more pleasantries and we parted in classic Honduran style: by complaining about the heat.

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