The New Private Viewing Space is Now Open


With this post I am very proud to announce that I have reached another milestone. The 4000 sqft show space addition is now open!

Back in December 2014 many people wondered why I had decided to close my 2000 sqft art gallery in beautiful and funky Leucadia, California. Even the media covered the story and some went as far as covering my exterior mural just days after the doors closed.

This new space will allow me and my team to focus on buyers and collectors as well as those people in the industry. The concept just made sense to me after I started to notice that I was not producing nor traveling as much due to the traffic the gallery was generating at the time. This new concept gives me a 12,000 sqft space which houses my studio, wood shop, storage, graphics lab, print lab and show space all under one roof.

This is a space where existing and potential clients can receive a personal tour to ensure the process of acquisition will be not only successful but also a memorable experience. But worry not all those that are true fans of The Art of Santos but are not necessarily buyers; because from time to time I will be hosting a series of Open House Events.

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