Orphanage living in Santa Barbara, Honduras

Reach International 300dpi-8

As the first stop to the Catracholandia project I had targeted the orphanage in Santa Barbara, Honduras. The main reason for choosing this one orphanage as the first destination was purely based on accessibility due to the fact that I spent my entire childhood in this town and most of my family remain as it’s residents. Not that it was easy for me to arrive and knock on their gates to offer my services free of charge but it was slightly less insane of an act. After all, Honduras is a third world country and in case you did not know: nothing is easy in these parts of the globe.

To add to my scenario I arrived in Honduras during what is referred to as Semana Santa (Holy Week). Leaving religion aside Holy Week can be better described as a nation wide party where any and all issues receive the same answer: Mañana, mañana, mañana…

I had no choice than to summon all my power of persuasion and determination to get my foot in the door. The entire 1-month long project depended on securing this first site for a mural project. Four days later everyone that was involved, including myself, could not believe the joy that we were sharing. I want to pretend I knew everyone was going to have a positive experience but the truth of the matter is that most of the time I have not a clue about much at all.

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