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Hard Times Hit UCSD

Metro De Medellin Has A Friend In Me


Intrinsic Analysis Just In Time For USA Elections 2016


By: Santos Orellana. The mathematic definition of the property of division is as follows: “Division is the splitting into equal parts or groups.” The Divisiones Collections was completed on November 8th 2016, just in time to experience the outcome of the elections. Minutes after I had casted my vote for the 2016 elections I found myself back at my studio to complete the production of the Divisions (Divisions) Collection. A set of 15 hand drawn pieces using oil based paint marker on mat board painted with acrylic paint. After so […]

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Mural Reflection


By: Don Masse. Last spring I introduced my 3rd graders to the work of Santos. I used his work as inspiration for a project that focused on abstraction, meaning in art, and watercolor techniques. I’m drawn to the flow and rhythm of the line work of Santos. The openness of his shapes and forms makes repeated viewing a treat, as new elements can stand out each time. That’s one of the cool things about abstractionist work is that another person may see other things or connections in it, and this […]

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Freese Elemetary School Gets A New Mural


By: Santos Orellana. The latest mural campaign is in full swing and I have now visited two elementary schools during the month of October. I am pleased to tell you that there are two more locations lining up for the month of November but I will not be dropping names due to the fact that I have no idea where I will find the time to make them happen. This last project took place at Freese Elementary School in San Diego, California USA. I ended up entitling the piece “Self-Control” […]

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Divisiones Collection – Currently In Production


By: Santos Orellana. It is that time once again. The time when I begin  to get overwhelmed with everything around me and the only prescription is to dive into production. This time I will be tackling a 15 piece medium format set with acrylic paint on mat board. I will be hand drawing my lines on these pieces with oil based paint marker. The collection as you may have already read on the headline is entitled: Divisiones (Divisions), because everywhere I look at this current time I am being bombarded […]

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Volunteer Work 


By: Santos Orellana. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Don Masse at the gallery space in La Jolla. After only a few minutes he was telling me that he is an art teacher at Zamorano Fine Arts Elementary School in San Diego, California USA and that he and his students had studied my work in his classroom. This conversation lead to us discussing the possibility of painting a mural at the school and only a couple of weeks later I find myself writing this blog […]

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Helping Criss Angel Help In Las Vegas


By: Santos Orellana. A couple of weeks ago I was given an opportunity to take part in a fundraiser put together in Las Vegas by none other than Criss Angel, a man that needs no introduction. A very good friend of mine who works with Criss Angel suggested to me that I should donate something for the Criss Angel Help fundraiser. Of course I was interested but when he told me that it was to raise awareness and funds to fight against pediatric cancer I said “take whatever you want.” […]

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Downtown Disney completes the trifecta


By: Santos Orellana. As a Southern California resident, it would not be a proper summer vacation without a trip to Disney with my children. So we packed the car and fought our way on route 5 north with all the tourists from all over the world. It was unfortunate that we happen to visit during a massive heat wave but fortunately the hotel we booked has a beautiful pool. As always I find a way to multitask and luckily my kids are very well aware that whenever we travel together […]

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