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Monthly HOOK-Up (July 2017)

Relative Expressions Episode 1 – Medellin, Colombia – WATCH NOW

Painting Our Border Wall

This past weekend, shortly after I had finished painting my designated portion of the border wall, I was asked a series of questions during an interview. The question seemed very simple at first but as I applied the reasoning process I was taught many moons ago in a senior year Medical Ethics class, I came to find that I was treading very interesting water. The question was as follows: “Are artists responsible for changing the world?” I opened with a simple statement: if the responsibility to change the world was […]

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Monthly Hook-Up (June 2017)

So, in the last couple of weeks, I got a handful of emails that were not necessarily too friendly. The words may have been sarcastic in tone, but they all shared a common theme: Where the f*** is this months HOOK-Up? I took the time to answer personally and I apologized profusely. Also I promised that I would make it up to them in June… well, here we are halfway through June and I am finally following through on my promise. Yes, better late than never. I am offering $5 […]

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Tijuana, Mexico becomes number 32

It has been a minute since the last Free Beans Run in Austin, Texas. This past Sunday I had a chance to walk the streets of Tijuana and I was able to drop a set of 24 original Beans. The streets were very busy and as always the locals were very puzzled when they noticed my activity. I am always amazed how many feelings and emotions run through me when doing this project… I have done it so many times that I thought that by now, I would have lost […]

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Encinitas alley gets a new mural

What a joy it is to spend 4 days in an alley 2 blocks away from Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California. I had the pleasure of meeting special people from many different ideologies and cultures and at the same time I was allowed to do what I do best, spread color where it needs it most. This project was made possible by the City of Encinitas Mizel Grant Program and the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Grant Program in collaboration with Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association and Union Cowork. I […]

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Monthly Hook-Up (April 2017)

For the month of April 2017 I have decided to hook you up with some original and custom framed BEANS! These are 8×10 inches and they are made as a set of 5 with aerosol and acrylic paint on wood. Each comes in a hand made wooden frame and also includes wire and so needless to say… they are ready to hang. $25 each and FREE shipping anywhere in the USA. Click here to visit the online store

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LAAFing through the weekend!

This past weekend, March 31 thru April 2nd, the energy was definitely pushed to the max and thus carried unexpected weight to its viewers… so far as I could perceive anyhow; I can honestly say, that it seemed as if the wind was blowing in one common direction. Goals were met, mistakes were made, friendships were forged but above all; moments were shared with artists from all corners of Latin America. I was invited to paint live and to represent urban art. The event is put together by The Latin […]

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Live painting at Latin American Art Festival

How could I say no to live painting… not just painting but painting in front of a crowd or performing. Of course I said yes! Saturday April 1st – 11am – 6pm Sunday April 2nd – 11am – 6pm All the preparations have been taken care of as I write this post. Special thanks to Blicks in Little Italy for hooking it up with the materials… its always extra cool when you get high grade aerosols especially for brush artists like myself. Best of all for me is a new […]

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