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Helping Criss Angel Help In Las Vegas

Downtown Disney completes the trifecta

Behold The Next Thing

Doing The Good Work

Start Spreading The News


The apparel is back with a brand new intention. After a few years of neglect I am once again bringing attention to the apparel potential of The Art Of Santos. T shirts and other printable items are in full swing at the La Jolla Gallery as well as the online store. For a limited time all merchandise including the apparel will be priced at cost with the curiosity to see just how quickly I can spread them throughout the country and with some luck the entire globe. In the past […]

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Doing my thing in Medellin, Colombia


By: Santos Orellana. It has been an electrifying adventure in Medellin. The Foundation Hogares Claret has opened their doors allowing me to do my thing, in other words allowing me to help doing what I do best. I was allowed to visit and granted permission to interact with the orphans at two orphanages. One for boys and one for girls. These orphanages seem to operate in the same fashion as orphanages in Honduras. They help to kids for four main reasons: 1) Kids that have no parents. 2) Kids that […]

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Free Beans in Medellin, Colombia

Photo May 15, 5 28 11 PM copy

By: Santos Orellana. Realidad Magica (Magical Reality) is what this set of Free Beans is entitled… fitting since most of you may already know that Colombia is said to be the mother of Magical Realism. As always I had a fantastic time getting to know the city hiding my Beans in plain site. For the dispersal of this set, the neighborhood of El Poblado was chosen because of the proximity to the hotel where I happen to currently reside. I find El Poblado to be very posh with its fine […]

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On my knees in Pacific Beach, California


By: Santos Orellana. Next time you are in Pacific Beach you may want to stop by Isabel’s Cantina. Not only will you have the opportunity to view my latest piece but you will also be treated just right. Great food, tasty food and great service. Because the piece was created during regular business hours and the restaurant patrons were present, I was restricted from using aerosol due to the fumes. I used all acrylic paints to make this one. As most of you know line art with brush is much […]

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Catracholandia is headed to Medellin, Colombia

Niños de la luz - 300dpi-4

Test Screener: Catracholandia Join us as Santos test screens his first film. Museum of Modern Art Medellin, Colombia May 23 Producer: Santos Leonel Orellana Paz Directors: Peter Levermann and Santos Leonel Orellana Paz Executive Producer: Santos Leonel Orellana Paz Music By: Bang Data Narrated By: Santos Leonel Orellana Paz CATRACHOLANDIA is an intimate, raw, and emotional documentary following an immigrant artist returning to his country of origin, Honduras, to paint murals for orphanages.  This minimalistic road trip takes us to a land ruled by greedy cartels where most children are […]

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Santos achieves personal milestone with new La Jolla gallery


By Jared Whitlock. Santos Orellana can cross off a big item on his bucket list: having a gallery in La Jolla. Santos for years had longed to open a gallery there, and in 2013, he aimed to move into the very same spot. But in the end, the economics didn’t pencil out. “From a business and artistic standpoint, I realize now that I wasn’t ready for it,” Santos said. That was then. In three years, his ambition and standing in the arts community have grown by leaps and bounds. Take […]

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